Smart City

Smart Bin Sensors

Smart waste bin sensor transmits data it collects in real-time through wireless networks to smart waste management platform, IoT, 3G and 4G telecommunication modules are available through WCDMA and GSM networks.

Sensor Based Waste Collection Bins is used to identify status of waste bins if it is empty or filled so as to customize the waste collection schedule accordingly and also save the cost.

Real time waste management system by using smart dustbins to check the fill level of dustbins whether the dustbins are full or not, through this system the information of all smart dustbins can be accessed from anywhere and anytime by the concerned person. It will inform the status of each and every dustbin in real time so that concerned authority can send the garbage collection vehicle only when the dustbin is full.

Route optimization and predictive analytics provide insightful historical data to generate the best routes and estimate the time of containers becoming full. It provides complete solution with manpower that makes waste collection and dispatch operations both efficient and cost-effective. These tools eliminate hours spent on manual routing, maximize productivity, optimize equipment and staff allocations, and allow you to gain better control over your solid waste management operations.


  • Intelligent Monitoring

  • IoT fill level Sensors

  • Send optimized route directly to drivers

  • Know the fill level garbage bins

  • SmartBin Live Dashboard

  • Collection operations become more efficient and Smarter

  • It will stop overflowing of dustbins along roadsides and localities

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to install to any type of containers

  • It also aims at creating a clean as well as green environment

  • By using the route algorithm it will smartly find the shortest route

  • Less amount of fuel consumed by vehicles can save a large amount of money

  • The filling and cleaning time of smart bin will also be reduced thus making empty and clean dustbins available to common people


  • Optical sensing technology gives 16 referring measurement points, which allows for accurate evaluation of the waste volume and the review of 3D graphs of waste placement within your containers

  • Unlike ultrasonic sensing technology, optical sensors have no blind spots from 0-4 metres, allowing for accuracy in even the smallest containers


  • Accurate fill-level measurement

  • Suitable for every location and weather condition

  • Wide operating temperature range from -35°C to +85°C

  • Up to 10 years battery lifetime

  • Able to measure temperature

  • Equipped with an accelerometer to monitor bin movement

  • GPS tracker to ensure correct bin location