Building a circular economy

We are contributing to a sustainable future built around a circular economy; educating our customers, government and the wider public to use materials responsibly and re-using as much as possible. We are making significant investments in our recycling capabilities as well as collaborating in partnership with established, expert operators, to build the energy from waste (EfW) infrastructure that Nigeria needs to manage waste sustainably.

Tackling climate change

Climate change is a global emergency that requires action now. It will affect water availability and biodiversity, but also the quantity and quality of food grown. We are running out of time to avoid the worst effects of global warming. This is why Utopia Crest is setting a bolder ambition to reach a net zero future.

We are accelerating our climate change efforts by announcing that we will achieve zero net emissions by 2050. By doing so, Utopia Crest is embracing the most ambitious aim of the Paris Agreement to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels.

Caring for our people, supporting our communities

Our people deliver a vital service to our customers and ensure our business runs safely and efficiently.

We are leaders within our industry in our approach to health, safety and wellbeing. We are committed to keeping our people and the public safe by ensuring safety is firmly embedded within our culture and championed at all levels. We care about employee wellbeing and work-life balance and see our people as our best ambassadors and business advocates.

We are proud to ‘give something back’ to the community, whether that be through local initiatives, such as employee volunteering or fundraising activities or through Environmental clean-ups.

We are also committed to continuing to tackle Modern Slavery throughout our supply chain and are already leading the way in our industry on this important topic.

We recognize that there is always more we can do and that’s why we have targets in place to help us prioritize our areas of focus.